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Glimpses of Paradise (Part II) by Jerry Long

Glimpses of Paradise (Part II) by Jerry Long On Saturday afternoon, Doug and I drove out to the point. The road became more overgrown, winding around through the overhanging trees, with just barely visible tire marks worn away in the dirt. Even the reeds were shoulder high in the center. It turned through thick overgrowth, and…

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An Imperfect Frame by Maxwell August Croy

An Imperfect Frame by Maxwell August Croy Much like Aki Onda whose “Cassette Memories” are sound diaries, personal memories reconstructed – he normally returns to recordings only years after making them – so is my film photography a visual diary, fragments of moments past assembled years after the fact. The images were taken with a…

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Answers to Longing by Will Long

Answers to longing by Will Long In 2010, one month after my 30th birthday, and on New Year’s Eve, I moved to Tokyo after having lived primarily in the United States since I was born. I had visited Japan for the first time one month earlier for 2 weeks. When I boarded the plane to…

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