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Answers to Longing by Will Long

Fortune at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Answers to longing by Will Long

In 2010, one month after my 30th birthday, and on New Year’s Eve, I moved to Tokyo after having lived primarily in the United States since I was born. I had visited Japan for the first time one month earlier for 2 weeks. When I boarded the plane to return to the US, I already knew I would be moving soon after I returned. I spent the holidays with my family, and said goodbye to the US. I slept on friends’ floors on borrowed futons, and stayed in hotels, at first. I did freelance jobs, and short term work. Six months after I had arrived, I stayed in a guesthouse, in a one room apartment with no kitchen or bathroom for the next year. Two years later, I was in a new apartment, and married. These photos represent some of the the important, memorable, and beautiful moments from my first two years in Japan, in semi-chronological order.

Will Long, 2013


About the photographer:

Will Long (1980 – ) is an American musician, artist, writer, photographer, and publisher living in Tokyo, Japan.